Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)       Prof. Cahit Talas Social Policy Award, the Alumni Association of Ankara University’s Faculty of Political Science 
Bogazici University Master’s Program in Social Policy Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights
Confederation of Trade Unions of Turkey-Research Unit (DISK-AR)  Social Policy Programme, Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) 
Disability Research Center, Istanbul University  The British Academy 
Education Reform Initiative (Sabanci-ERG) The Ministry of Family, Work and Social Services, Republic of Turkey 
ETHOS - Towards a European Theory of Justice and Fairness The Ministry of Industry and Technology, Republic of Turkey 
European Sociological Association-Research Network 26 The Sociology of Social Policy and Social Welfare (ESA RN 26)  The Social Policy Association of the United Kingdom (SPA UK) 
Eurostat              Transparency International       
Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, the University of Manchester (HCRI)  Turkish Statistical Institute         
Istanbul Bilgi University Civil Society Studies Centre (BILGI-STCM) United Nations Development Programme in Turkey    
International Labor Organanization (ILO)             United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) 
Institute of Population Studies, Hacettepe University  Women's Labor and Employment Initiative Platform (KEIG)
Istanbul Policy Center    
Koç University Social Policy Center (KÜ-SPM)     
OECD Social Statistics