Research Reports

Struggles for Justice: Young Women and People with Disabilities in the Turkish Labour Market, ETHOS HORIZON 2020 Project
Author: Volkan Yılmaz, Başak Akkan, Alpkan Birelma, Simla Serim Release Date: 2018
The case study witihin Regional Human Development Report - Income and social inequalities in Turkey
Author: Ayşe Buğra and Volkan Yılmaz, with Alpkan Birelma, Burçak Gürsoy, Yasemin Taşkın, Zeynep Berra Dodurka, Başak Ekim Akkan, İpek Göçmen Release Date: 2016
A Survey on the Manifestations of Rural Poverty in Contemporary Turkey (available only in Turkish)
Author: Özgür Burçak Gürsoy, Berra Zeynep Dodurka Release Date: 2016
Social and Economic Problems of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) Individuals in Turkey Research
Author: Volkan Yılmaz, İpek Göçmen Release Date: 2015
Social Policy in Turkey and Soma Disaster (available only in Turkish)
Author: Ayşe Buğra Release Date: 2014
Social Policy in Turkey: Principles, Problems and Solution Proposals (available only in Turkish)
Author: Social Policy Forum Release Date: 2014
Public Social Assistance in Turkey - Working Paper (available only in Turkish)
Author: Berra Zeynep Dodurka Release Date: 2014
The History of a Conflict Coeval with the Republic: The Relations between Big and Small Business and the Turkish State (available only in Turkish)
Author: Emre Balıkçı Release Date: 2012
Research Project for the Development of a Cash Transfer Program for Widowed Women
Author: Social Policy Forum Release Date: 2011
Is it possible to provide free lunch at primary public schools? (available only in Turkish)
Author: Ayşen Candaş, Başak Ekim Akkan, Sevda Günseli, Mehmet Baki Deniz Release Date: 2011