In Search of the Working Class: Workers’ Subjectivities and Resistance in an Istanbul Neighborhood
The Politics of Religiously Motivated Welfare Provision
Comparative Analysis of Poverty and Inequality in Turkey
Turkish Health System in Transition: Historical Background and Reform Experience
Social Work and the Politics of the Family at the Crossroads of Welfare Reform in Turkey
Health and Citizenship in Republican Turkey: An Analysis of the Socialization of Health Services in Republican Historical Context
Master Degree
The Effect of Diagnosis-Related Groups on Clinical Autonomy in Turkey: The Physician’s Perspective
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Changing Retirement Patterns In Turkey: A Comparative Study of Metal and Municipal Sector Workers
The Distinct and Gendered Work Identity: Immigrant Women Workers from Bulgaria during the Industrialization Era of Bursa (1968-1978)
For Whom the Phone Rings: The Turkish Call Center Industry and Experience of Work in Multilingual Call Centers
Grassroots Action Against Gecekondu Renewal Projects: The Case of Istanbul Başıbüyük and Ankara Dikmen Vadi
The Political Economy of Disability in Turkey’s Welfare Regime
Charity and Old Age Care: The Non-Muslim Community Hospitals in Istanbul
New Workers Confronting the Old Rules of Industrial Vocational Education in A New Era: Working Class Experience in Alibeyköy School
Turkish Social Work Sector After the 1990s through the Accounts of Social Workers
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The National Education Board Conferences and Political Transition: 1939-1960 Changing Perceptions of Schooling and Dialogue of Negotiations
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